Hiddenbed Canada is a group of furniture builders that came out of one of Canada’s oldest and largest furniture companies, DeFehr Furniture. Their background in product development and furniture design has led them into many niche market products from Murphy beds, cabinets for Ducks Unlimited to custom cabinets in residential and commercial settings.

The Hiddenbed hardware was developed in 2003, in Uruguay by Juan Carlos Monestier, a mechanical engineer who desperately wanted a solution for his space problems when his son returned after graduation to live in their modestly sized family home. The invention was an instant local success, and was internationally patented and first shown in the USA on the Oprah Show. Hiddenbed Canada is proud to provide the Canadian market with this revolutionary hardware showcased with high quality Canadian materials and craftsmanship.

The ongoing relationship with DeFehr furniture allows for the Hiddenbed to be hand built by a group of expert craftsmen utilizing the finest materials and hardware possible. This provides the best of both worlds, attention to detail by a team of dedicated builders and the support of a large company in regards to machining support and world class finishing.

We utilize Restmore and Restwell mattresses for our bedding products. The product is first class, and with outstanding pricing and armed with a 10 year warranty, it sets itself apart from competitors.

Hiddenbed Canada Direct continues to develop the product range from single, double and queen models.  Along with the variety of Murphy bed options available and Factory direct pricing the options are open when dealing with Hiddenbed Canada.