I love my hidden Bed. I have a small den and it is perfect. It provides a wonderful desk and above desk storage space and a really "cool " bed for when the grandchildren stay over night.  It folds down with ease and I can leave the printer on the desk. Hidden Beds provided a wonderful service with free delivery and set up, I really appreciated the friendly efficient service. I was able to get a stool and bulletin board to match the wood in the Hidden Bed how wonderful is that.

Thanks so much
Vivian, Regina, SK

 We have used our Hidden Bed as a desk but not as a bed so far.  The desk and accompanying tower provide us with exactly what we need and both are very solid and ample in size. The two units are very attractive together and make the room look tidy.  The small overhead light in the centre overhead box is not really in a useful position and its cord is visible when the bed is down, the light bar would be a better idea as it would light the desk.
All the best,

Bonnie, Canmore, AB

 We definitely love our new custom Executive Double Hiddenbed!  It is very practical being my scrapbooking counter by day and guest bed by night...its'wide desk surface is convenient for large projects and the convenience of lowering the desk to convert into a bed is totally awesome.  What a great concept!
I must also mention that the owner met us on a Saturday (not during office hours) and was glad to show us the 'hiddenbed' options prior to making our purchase.  After giving him our custom order, he himself delivered and installed the bed - now that's customer service!
We are very pleased and satisfied with our purchase and have been telling/showing our friends and family this hiddenbed because it is such a great product!

Ginette & Fernand,  LaBrocquerie, MB

 The guys set up the bed- they were on time- polite- and cleaned up when done.  Although we have not used it yet- have shown it to many- including how easily it sets up and goes away.

Judy, Seven Sisters, MB

Martin did a great job installing and it looks fabulous.
 During Christmas 2 grandchildren slept in it and loved it.
You might get some referrals.
Tina, Vancouver, BC
We are very pleased with the bed although nobody has spelt on it (our son will when he visits us in the Spring).  The desk is a great addition to our household it has enabled us to move the computer and printer off the dining table.  We have demonstrated the bed to a number of neighbours who were most impressed.  The install went smoothly and Martin and his guy were on time and very timely in their work.  All in all things could not be better. 

Chris and Jill Davies, Delta, BC

 We'd like to let you know that we are very pleased with our Hiddenbed purchase. The Executive Single unit that we purchased is a very well designed/engineered piece of furniture and it is constructed with high quality materials and hardware. So far it appears to be very solid and robust, and we are confident that it will serve us well for many years to come.

The delivery of our unit was OK. Our expectation was that the delivery would be into the room where the unit was to be installed, but the delivery fellow was of the understanding that he just needed to drop the pallet off in our driveway. I was able to convince his supervisor over the phone to allow the delivery fellow to help me disassemble the pallet and move the constituent pieces up into the room - thank goodness, since I have a bad back and some of the pieces are quite heavy.

The fully assembled unit looks great in our bedroom and the conversion from desk to bed is a snap - a one hand-only task that even a child could accomplish. Our eldest daughter slept very comfortably on the bed on several occasions over the Holidays, and we certainly will get lots of use out of the desk in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks to all of you for a very positive Hiddended experience.  Continued success to you and your company.

Kelly & Kathy
Canmore, Alberta

 We absolutely love our Majestic Double Hiddenbed!  The entire process was smooth - Tammy and Mike were so courteous and accommodating in setting up appointments to visit the showroom, discuss the various options and provide extra details to our satisfaction.  Our Hiddenbed was ready in just a few weeks.  The installation was scheduled at our convenience, was very professional and completed in under 2 hours.  The workmanship of the product is excellent.  We use the desk daily and love having a dual-function piece that converts to a lovely double bed for our guests.  We highly recommend Hiddenbed Canada!

Brenda Winnipeg, MB

  I purchased the Majestic Double Bed a couple of months ago from the Winnipeg location.  I am very happy with the amount of extra space this bed has provided me as I have a very small bedroom.  Having the desk area allows me to enjoy my room comfortably.  My bed was delivered and set up by Mike and he was very accommodating and professional, I'd recommend this unit to anyone looking to add comfort and space to their home. Thanks again to Mike and Hidden Beds Winnipeg.


Pauline Lang

  To whom it may concern:

Four and a half years ago, Steinbach Bible College began the process of building a new women's dorm. It was during the preliminary stages that we "demoed" the Hidden Bed in the existing dorms. We found that the beds easily stood up to the rigors of both our male and female students. Our students were grateful for the large desk top, spacious hutch and comfortable bed. Both student groups expressed their appreciation for the concept, use and practicality of the design.

We designed our new dorm with the Hidden Bed as our default bed. In the planning, we quickly discovered that we could decrease the room size to the extent that our savings in construction more than paid for the purchase of the beds. These savings were even before we factored in smaller square footage for heating and cleaning.

I would highly recommend the Hidden Bed for dormitory use. (In fact, I like the concept so much that I have had one installed in my home. We found the customer service to be courteous, flexible and professional. It has exceeded our expectations in providing our students with the tools they need to succeed while living in the dorm.


Dr. Rob Reimer

  Hi. Just wanted to send a big thank you to the guys at Hiddenbed. Mike and Rob were amazing. They delivered the bed right to my door, set it up quickly, and cleaned up everything after. We are so happy without new desk/bed. I can't believe how easily it converts from a desk to a bed and vice versa. It's not heavy or awkward at all, it just glides smoothly into place, without hardly any effort. And how cool is it that everything stays in place on the desk when you convert it to a bed? I know murphy beds have been around for a long time, but this idea of combining a bed with a desk just takes it to a whole new level. It is well constructed and sturdy. There is no danger of it tipping over. The desk is huge and you can fit so much on it, without ever having to worry about clearing it off when you want to use the bed. I just think this is such a neat idea and can be such a great solution for people. We love it and would highly recommend it to anyone. Whether you have a small room that can't fit both a bed and a desk, or you need a spare bed once in awhile but don't want a bed taking up most of your living space, the hiddenbed system is the perfect solution. Its obvious placement would be in college dorms, but it's actually a great idea for anyone. I just think it's brilliant!

Thank you,

  I had a Hiddenbed installed in a room with less than one inch of clearance, and now have a beautiful quality piece of furniture with a superbly designed and functional desk, plus a comfortable and roomy bed. The Hiddenbed installers were professional, courteous, efficient, tidy, and had a great sense of humour. Excellent value and highly recommended.


  I recently purchased a double size hidden bed unit. It was delivered after a nasty snow storm, but that didn’t stop the guys! The whole delivery and set up was done in a most courteous and professional manner. The quality of workmanship and operation of the unit is far better than I had imagined! I can honestly say, without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend both the hidden bed unit and the company.

Keith, Winnipeg Beach