Double Mattress

Canadian $395.00 each


Quilted to Layers of Firm Foam An Antimicrobial Blend & Luxurious Knit Fabric

1” Firm Foam offers exceptional comfort, durability and resilience while providing proper lumbar support.
The Antimicrobial Blend
inhibits the growth of allergens including dust mites and bacteria, keeping your mattress cleaner and healthier.
Luxurious Knit Fabric
is breathable and soft.

Continuous Coil

The Continuous Coil consists of rows of coils that are made of a single, continuous piece of steel wire that is attached to the next row by a helical wire. This helps to reduce motion transfer between sleepers and provides a more customizable feel.

Layers of Conforma Touch Pin Convolute & High Density Insulators


1-1/2” Conforma Touch Pin Convolute relieves pressure points and provides unparalleled conformance and comfort allowing each sleeper to get a restful night’s sleep without tossing and turning. High Density Insulators provide additional support and prevent components from entering the innerspring unit.