Where is it made?
All the Hiddenbeds from Hiddenbed Canada Direct are produced in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with Canadian wood and panel products.

Do you deliver nationwide?
Yes, we deliver Hiddenbed anywhere in Canada!
Shipping is included to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, and Ottawa.
Winnipeg customers receive delivery and set-up.

What is the Hiddenbed made of?
We have the following three options:

  • Particle board with melamine. Our Particleboard uses specially bonded, top-quality wood fibres, which makes it extremely stable and long lasting. This product is used for office furniture, store fixtures, healthcare products, residential kitchens, closets and storage units.
  • Plywood core melamine. Our plywood core product features high-density fiberboard surfaces, fused to a solid core of industrial grade plywood. The result is a lightweight panel with exceptional fastener and screw holding strength that is environmentally friendly.
  • Wood Veneer on Plywood core. We offer oak and maple veneer, available to be colour matched to virtually anything.

How is it constructed?
All Hiddenbeds are sub assembled at our factory with the mechanisms pre-attached. We also glue and screw on solid wood mouldings for the desk and the top of the unit for additional structural integrity. The bed parts are held together with 7 cm long screws called confirmat bolts. The bed parts have location dowels that line up the parts and then the confirmat bolts are simply inserted with a power drill. (Bits supplied) It takes approximately 2 hours with two people to set a bed up.

What is involved in transforming the desk to a bed?
Hiddenbed is incredibly easy to operate.
  • Simply unlock the Balancing Mechanism
  • Pull the Handle
  • Guide the bed into position
  • To use the desk, just reverse the process.

Does it include a mattress?
The cost of the bed does not include a mattress, however we do offer excellent Restmore mattress at a very affordable price.

What are the Hiddenbed sizes that you make? Do you have them in stock?
We make singles, doubles, and queen. For further information, you can check the products page for the variety of models. Occasionally we do have some beds in stock, we’ve streamlined our manufacturing price which means that your order will have a minimal lead time.

Does it take a special size mattress?
The mattress sizes are standard sizes for the twin, double and queen beds; the only limitation is the thickness, as a maximum of 10” is recommended.

Is set-up included?
Set-up of the bed is included in the price in Winnipeg only. Set is now available at an additional cost of $350 in Vancouver. We plan to have more installers in other cities.

How difficult is it to set-up?
We have done much of the pre assembly at the factory to speed up the process. It takes approximately 2 hours for 2 people doing it for the first time. Along with the bed, we send comprehensive instructions. They can be viewed as a PDF that is available on the website.

What is the warranty?
The cabinetry is covered for 5 years and the mechanism for 10 years.

Are they all free standing?
We now offer all our beds as freestanding models, however we do suggest that you can attach them to the wall for additional security.

Can I buy the plans and the mechanism alone?
We do not offer the plans or mechanism separately. If you wish to do so they are available at hiddenbedusa.com. Please be advised that the mechanism is the same but the beds are not exactly the models as found on Hiddenbed Canada Direct.

How much weight does the bed support?
The bed is rated for 500 lbs.

How much weight can you place on the desk?
The desk is rated for 44 lbs.

How is it different from a Murphy Bed?
The Hiddenbed provides two functions in the same space; it is bed and a desk. A murphy is only a space saving piece of furniture that provides extra floor space when not in use. It is useful in exercise rooms or basement rec rooms for extra sleeping room when needed.

Can it be moved?
Yes, the Hiddenbeds can be dis assembled and re assembled multiple times.

What is the delivery time?
You will have your unit within 3-6 weeks. On some product we have stock and it would arrive quicker.

How do I place an order?
The choice is yours. You can use the online shopping cart or come for a tour of our manufacturing facility, see our showroom and place your order with us.

What happens to all the things on the desk when I want to use the bed?
Because there is sufficient clearance under the bed, all the items on your desk can remain securely in place. Leave your computer, monitor, keyboard, etc. exactly where they are; no need to unplug them.

Will things fall off the desk when I transform it into a bed?
No. The unique balancing mechanism keeps the desk horizontal at all times. This means that you can leave all your items on the desk as it pivots under the bed. It amazes everyone who see it work!

What happens to the mattress and bedding when I put it into its desk position?
The mattress, pillows and bedding can remain in place at all times (just like all your desk items).

Is the Hiddenbed system safe?
Our system is designed with your safety in mind. It is a perfectly safe piece of freestanding furniture. We have done extensive testing.

Is Hiddenbed suitable for children?
Absolutely! Children love furniture that transforms and the fact that they can hide their bed.

How comfortable is the bed?
Hiddenbed is available with a quality Rest More mattress and offers sleeping arrangements that are unequalled by fold up products.

What makes Hiddenbed superior to the alternatives?
We have manufactured and set up hundreds of hiddenbeds over the past six years. We continue to improve the product based on costumer feedback.

Are there any special access requirements when Hiddenbed is delivered?
Our furniture is delivered flat pack which makes it easy for delivery at your end. That also means that you don’t need to worry about access issues.

How do I know if Hiddenbed will fit into my space?Please check our product specifications for exact measurements. To decide on the right configuration and product options please contact us. We want you to make choice that are right for you! In the end, make sure that you check sizing on the product pages.

How affordable is Hiddenbed?In terms of a cost/benefit analysis you’ll probably fin that Hiddenbed is themes affordable option on the market. You’ll essentially gain a multi-use piece of furniture - a fabulous desk, a comfortable bed, and optional cabinetry, shelves, and drawers - while also saving tremendous amount of space.

What is involved in assembling a Hiddenbed
Hiddenbed Canada has taken a number of assembly steps out of the process so that you do not have to do them. We have assembled the mechanism to the sides as well as a number of other pieces to take the guesswork out of the assembly. This makes the whole process as convenient and simple as possible. The whole set up takes approximately 1 hour.
You will enjoy seeing your Hiddenbed take shape!

How much does Hiddenbed cost?
Hiddenbed comes in various sizes and configuration. Full price list is available on the products page.

Is Hiddenbed suitable for commercial or institutional applications?
Yes, our range includes models that will withstand tough commercial environments. We welcome enquiries from facility developers, operators and other commercial parties and would be pleased to demonstrate Hiddenbed as a most sensible investment.
Click here for more details.

Is there a convenient way of telling my friends about Hiddenbed?
Share it with others on our Facebook page!