New Added Extra Strength!
All units come with a 10 year warranty. New design and features with adjustable tension and extra strength.
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Hiddenbed -- is a revolutionary bed and desk system. The bed becomes a desk and vice versa in one easy movement.
Revolutionary Bed
Save Space and Money with our Canadian made Hiddenbeds.
Hiddenbed Photos
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Hiddenbed Features
  • Desk and bed in one
  • Safe to handle
  • Free standing
  • Perfect balance
  • Tested for 10,000 cycles
  • Range of colours
  • Enhance storage space
  • Melamine Finish
  • UV Finished Wood Veneers
  • Solid design
  • Novelty value
  • Sophisticated design
  • Canadian made
Hiddenbed Benefits
  • Double your space
  • Suitable for children (4ft and taller)
  • Comes with you when you move
  • Leave even drinks on the desk
  • 30 Years of no maintenance
  • Match your room decor
  • Optional side cabinets
  • Cost effective and long lasting
  • High end finishing on a premium product
  • Desk supports up to 30kgs / Bed supports up to 200kgs
  • Children love sleeping on a Hiddenbed
  • Leave your work area as you transform your space into a bed
  • With Canadian materials

Hiddenbed Canada is a group of furniture builders that came out of one of Canada’s oldest and largest furniture companies, DeFehr Furniture. Their background in product development and furniture design has led them into many niche market products from Murphy beds, cabinets for Ducks Unlimited to custom cabinets in residential and commercial settings.

Quality Solid Design
Fully functional desk and stylish built-in office furniture.
Durable & Safe
You don’t have to clear away anything.
Double Your Space
Optional shelving, hanging, drawers and lighting.